Digital Media Services, in agreement with Up With People, is now authorized to transfer your UP WITH PEOPLE videos, audio records and tapes and other copyrighted materials to a digital format.  Whether you are a former Sing Out or Up With People cast member or anyone who purchased materials at one of their shows, you can now have these copyrighted materials transferred and preserved digitally without the consequences of violating any Sing Out or Up With People copyrights.  

Being able to preserve these performances for yourself and future generations helps continue the UWP legacy started in 1965.  Whether you were a part of the experience or simply enjoyed one of their many performances, including 4 Super Bowl half time shows, we can now provide you with digital transfer of your media.


Please complete the form below to let us know how we can help get your media transferred.  If you have specific questions, please be sure to contact us for personal service.

Up With People