Photo, Negative and Slide Scanning

We scan these images, both color or black and white, to create high quality digital files.  Photos can be scanned as individual or mounted in albums.  Negatives can be scanned to create digital pictures. 


Video Tape Transfer

Transferring video tapes to digital files preserves the memories that are on tape that is slowing degrading over time.  We transfer Standard and Compact VHS and 8mm video tapes.  Other formats are available upon request.


Movie Film

Home movies provided hours of enjoyment in years past, but are now relegated to the bottom of a closet.  We use specialized high definition film transfer equipment.  Unlike other services that project the film from a projector onto a screen and then capture the projection with a digital camera, we clean each reel of film and capture a high definition image of each individual frame on the film.  From this capture, flicker-free videos are created that can be digitally enhanced as desired.


Audio Transfer

Whether cassettes, classic vinyl LPs, or reel to reel audio tapes, we can preserve the sound and the memories.  Hearing Mom and Dad on a tape again is a great memory for now and to share with future generations.


Audio Recording and Media Duplication

We provide location and studio recording capabilites as well as production Media Duplication for CDs and DVDs.  We provide complete mixing and post processing services.


Post Production

We can create complete video projects to share with family and friends with our wide array of audio and video post productions capabilities.  Add music or narration, or both, to  enhance the memories.  We can add narration to identify and describe those in the picture or scene so the record is permanent.



We can provide restoration to damaged images.  We can bring back the image to its original quality - or even a bit better - and help keep the memories alive and untarnished.